Complete Christmas!


Christmas is now complete.

Cos my mom has completed her batch of pineapple tarts.

I am probably biased. But this is the best pineapple tarts ever! I love to eat these tarts, but my taste buds have been spoilt silly by my mom’s tarts. And so I usually save my stomach (and the calories) to Christmas and Chinese New Year – the only two times a year my mom makes these! From the pineapple filling, which my mom personally cooked, to the soft dough surrounding these sweet centre… this is tart-perfection. :)

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  1. San

    Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for the compliments! :)
    She usually doesn’t make a very big batch, especially for christmas. CNY is the time when she does more. U can contact me if you are keen to know more? :)

    Email me @



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