A night at the F1 Temasek Suite

A week ago, the hubby got a surprise that well, surprised us both! He was invited as a guest to attend the Singapore Grand Prix, and more than that – he would enjoy the entire race in the comfort of the Temasek Suite. PLUS! He gets to bring a “+1” – me! What a tremendous honor and blessing!

Work distracted us, but the day before the “big day” really got us excited and looking forward to this brand new experience.

2012-09-23 17.13.28

The lanyard that made it all possible! This little ticket also opened up a world of possibilities, literally. We wined (okay, I don’t drink, so the hubby wined) and dined and had a ball of a time. It was literally living the “good” life.

Here’s a peek at the type of chow we chowed down! Once we reached, we settled into the culinary heaven known as the world of Jean-Georges. Sampler plates of a foie gras “steak”, tuna tartare, a truffle pizza, lobster miso ramen, a tarty lemon cupcake… I had to very literally drag my hubby out of there, cos I was getting STUFFED!


Like I said… the high life.

But this was but a pitstop, and we proceeded on to the main highlight – the Temasek Suite.

2012-09-23 17.52.37

One of the many suites that lined the area, this one for the Red Bull fans/supporters!  2012-09-23 17.50.31

The floorplan, and we had to go all the way to the furthest suite! But it was well worth it, with a view overlooking the final turn (and the Gardens by the Bay) and the Grandstand and starting point!

2012-09-23 17.58.02 2012-09-23 17.55.01

Here’s my short video of how the start of the race went – it was LOUD!

We were well-fed inside the Suite too.