I came, I learnt, I baked

Of all the things that my mom does well, nothing comes close to her baking skills. Unfortunately, bad knees now means that she restricts her baking foray to just Christmas and Chinese New Year – and even then, her pineapple tarts and kueh lapis are pretty legendary and the stuff that make my holidays complete (and jeans a tad tighter). So all my life, I’ve had memories of helping my mom and her sisters sit around the kitchen kneading the dough, working the mixer, rolling little balls of pineapple filling and sneaking a piping hot pineapple tart into my mouth! Haha!

Of course, work and moving out of my mom’s place meant a lot less time for such pineapple tart forays (the creation process, I mean. The consuming process, I am and have always been actively supporting). So it’s been a long, long while since I’ve baked anything.

For the bunch of us at Singapore Mom Bloggers, we wanted to celebrate our First Anniversary with fun and finesse! Earlier on, I attended a free styling and makeover course, and on Tuesday, lugging my 38-week-heavy belly, I was all ready to bake up a storm, and relive my childhood days!


Held at the Civil Service Club, 12 chatty Mummy bloggers congregated, to learn to bake ourselves (and the kiddos) some Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes. Now the first thing we learnt was that there was probably no co-relation to the actual Japanese city – save for the fact that the original recipe used milk from, you guessed it, Hokkaido.


Pauline of Munch Ministry was the demo chef of the day, and taught us how to go about making these cute little cupcakes. And after the demonstration, we were on our own!

My cooking partner-in-crime was Dominique (of Dominique’s Desk).


Even for a baking newbie like myself (and some of the other blogging moms present … haha!), the recipe was easy to follow and fast too!


We lined up the cupcake holders – 18 in all, each pair will bring home about 9 cupcakes each. And in under 30 minutes, managed to get the mixture together! Yay!


The promise of goodness to come. And after a mere 15 minutes in the oven, one of the yummiest smells in the world bar none whifted into the entire kitchen classroom. Freshly baked cakes. Hmmm….

We piped in whipped cream into each and every cake, and made the finishing touches.

IMG_0544 IMG_0549 IMG_0551

And ta-da! Mummy baked some Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes today! Perfect for a light afternoon tea snack (easy on the waistline too).

Thanks once again to Munch Ministry for generously organizing this If, like me, you are a struggling home cook, you can always hop on over to their site for some awesome inspiration on what to cook. If you are nothing like me (read: a great cook), please help the rest of us by being an MM contributor too! Hahaha!

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