Lessons I learnt from City Harvest

The day is May 15, and the trial involving six City Harvest church leaders has finally started.

Having been in this church since 1998, the last three years, in particular, hasn’t been the easiest of times, being under the microscope of the public eye. I was following the trial updates closely, and I had a few thoughts which I thought I’d translate to this post titled, “Lessons I learnt from City Harvest”…

#1: Courage under fire.

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That my Pastor can have the courage to not just talk the talk but to literally walk the walk. He (and the church) has his fair share of detractors, and I am sure that there are many, many, many slurs to his name. But I have seen the man, worked with the man, sat under his preaching from the time I just entered the University, till now – married with three kids. And my heart and prayers go out to my pastor, and the rest of the church leaders.

#2: Love.

Love covers all.

#3: Law and legalese.

Something most people don’t know – but back when I was doing my accountancy degree, I actually minored in Law! Haha! And *coughcough* my law modules were the ones which I scored my ‘A’s in, rather than in Accounts-related topics. Oh the irony… But all my law modules in University, and even doing my Final Year Project on a law-related topic… has paled in comparison to the last three years where I have read (and re-read) various statutes and various codes, and trying to interpret legalese. I reckon my English ability is pretty good, but certain press releases and news reports have to be read three times before I could properly understand it.

#4: Tenacity.

It’s been three years. More than three years, in fact, since the news first broke, and even though we do not know the full story as yet – it does warm my heart to see the members continue to pack the church auditorium weekend after weekend. Tenacity in action. Friends who have stood by each other. Tenacity in action.

So much more to write, but I think I shall just stop here, and perhaps continue another day. Haha!

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