Zoie’s birth story

About a week prior to 30 April 2013, I had arranged with my gynae to have Zoie induced on 30 April. So we agreed, barring any accident that might happen, that I will admit after midnight on 30 April, hook up to be induced, and should expect to see my baby that day itself.

So after my “last supper” – consisting of some yummilicious chwee kueh from the Bedok Interchange – and after settling the boys for their bedtime, the hubs and I made our way to the hospital.

0020: reached Gleneagles, settled admission, paid a ton of cash & waited to get up to the delivery suite.

0038: made it to the delivery suite, and got hooked up to a bunch of wires and monitoring devices. Having slight contractions (according to the monitor, with a strength of 50+)

Filled out some forms, including making my request for an epidural known to the midwife.

Turned out the only decent program on TV… Star World. Hubby occupying himself with his iPhone games.

0050: hearing some newborn cries. So exciting! It’s gonna be my baby’s cries in a couple of hours too!

0105: the darn VA. 3cm dilated, and contractions 5 mins apart

0146: stronger contractions (reaching 100-110)… And all this without being induced yet. I guess my daughter knows this is the day to come out. No matter what. What a cooperative sweetheart.

No epidural yet. Takes 20-30 mins for the anesthesiologist to reach. Wondering if I should just chicken out now. Pain isn’t unbearable though it means I can’t sleep well. Shall wait…

0230: Midwife concludes that they will not be doing any induction till the morning, so I asked for epidural so I can get some shut eye. By 3am the deed was done, and I settled in for some sleep. Pain of the epidural (the first anesthesia injection) was bad, but nothing compared to getting the IV drip in. Urgh.

0430: realized contractions are getting sooner, but promptly told myself to sleep for strength for a long day ahead.

0845: my Gynae comes! Does a quick check – 5cm dilated, contractions about 3-4mins apart. Breaks the water bag, and starts me on some dilation meds.

0930: I was feeling contractions in the upper part of my stomach. Call nurse in cos usually my pain level is closer to zero after the epidural. Just wanted to make sure my epi was still working! (That is like one of my biggest fears. Haha…)

Nurse checks… 8cm! Amazing. She estimates baby will be out in 30-60 mins.

1000: baby was crowning, nurse asks me to try pushing which I do so very VERY tentatively. When they kept asking me to try harder I remind them that my first two deliveries, I only pushed three times before the baby came out. They decide to call for the Gynae.

1010: Gynae: “Push hard, Ok stop. Half strength. Ok stop.” And baby’s head was out. Then during the next contraction half a minute later, Gynae goes, “Ok, push at half strength. Ok stop. Quarter strength. Stop. Again, quarter strength. Ok stop. Can already.”

And Zoie was born at 1012am, 30 April 2013.

My little princess.

I managed to nurse my baby after we were both cleaned up, and she latched on so well. We’re going to have a good time – her and I, with our breastfeeding journey.


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I can conclude, God is indeed very gracious to me in the area of birthing the kids. I am thankful!

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