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A couple of months back, I blogged about Xavier suffering from eczema. It is both tough and heartbreaking seeing my little toddler scratch and bleed and scratch some more. His skin took such a beating, and any little thing could trigger an outbreak, and another scratching session. The poor boy would even sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, complaining of itchiness. After visits to the dermatologist, his condition is now very much under control. Every child’s needs are different, and with Xavier and his sensitive skin condition, I learnt to read the labels of the skincare items I get for him, and take note of the kinds of food he takes which may result in an outbreak. There can be many, many triggers for sensitive skin, and it takes a lot of effort to try to cut back on food or activities which might trigger it.

Xavier may have me to “thank” for his skin condition. I was diagnosed with acute urticaria as a teen, and so I know exactly how itchy ITCHY can really be! Yikes, I used to scratch myself silly whenever I had an outbreak, and dust and dirt exacerbated my skin condition. Certain foods had to be avoided, and I also found myself breaking out in hives with body temperature changes – so I would break out after a swim, as I exited the pool and the cooler temperature hits me.

So with both Xavier and myself having more problematic skin conditions and a long history, coupled with the fact I now had to juggle a newborn, it just makes sense to take preventive measures where possible.

I was introduced to the Comfort Ultra Pure a couple of months back, and it has been one of my go-to preventive measures. It is a fabric conditioner that is ‘gentle on delicate skin’ – welcome words to my ears! It is great for people with sensitive skins and also newborns.



With my snoozing newborn babe – all in pristine white!



I need clothes to be clean, soft and preferably nice-smelling – and am happy that Comfort fulfills all these, and helps with our sensitive skin condition as well!

Comfort Ultra Pure is available in 800ml (featured in my post) and 1.8l bottles, and can be purchased from all major supermarkets.

Disclaimer: This advertorial is part of a series of conversations between Comfort Ultra Pure and SANses. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


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