Philips Jamie Oliver Food Processor – even for barely-chefs like me!

I am hardly a cook. As in, I hardly cook. My mom is a good cook. My grandmothers (on both sides) are/were good cooks. My mom-in-law is a good cook. So, I content myself with eating good food, and watching the Food Network Asia channel at home.

Relocating to Sydney, obviously, caught me entirely off-guard. Cleaning, washing and ironing duties have become mine. Grocery shopping and cooking are now on my to-do list. No longer do I wrestle with the formatting of Word documents or formulas on my Excel spreadsheets, but trying to figure out the conversion of one cup of butter into grams, and trying to get a grasp on this foreign concept called… preparing dinner.

I do believe, however, in using what I can to make life better. So I surf the net, pin some of my favourite recipes (i.e. those I think I should be able to handle), watch cooking videos on TV or on Youtube.

One of my favourite TV chefs has got to be Jamie Oliver! His charisma, his good looks, and of course his ability to make cooking seem so easy and, more importantly – fun!

So I was so happy when I was given the chance to try out the all new PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver Food Processor. It came with SO many attachments and knick-knacks and , it honestly looked a tad overwhelming for a barely-cook like me. But it is such an all-in-one and everything-I-need-to-make-cooking-less-a-chore! Which explains why I lugged the entire box with all the various attachments over to Sydney, Australia, and why it takes up precious space on my teeny kitchen top!

What the PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver food processor can do:


~ Slice (from a potato-chip-worthy thickness of 1 mm up to 7 mm)

~ Shred (thinly or coarsely)

~ Mince (make your own minced meat in minutes!)

~ Beat (excellent if you plan to beat cream or egg whites)

~ Citrus fruit juicer (so no separate juicer is needed)

~ Chop(onions, celery, garlic – all can be finished up in double-quick time)

~ And my favourite feature, the food processor come with a serrated knife that can be used to create frozen treats. Smoothies, shakes or ice-cream? All done easily! With fresh fruits easily obtainable in Sydney, I love putting together a quick smoothie in the morning for my two fussy boys by simply whizzing some yoghurt, fresh milk or orange juice and the fruit(s) of choice as an quick and healthy breakfast.

What I wished the PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver Food Processor COULD do:

~ Bathe the kids.

~ Pick up after them.

But since we are still living in reality over here, I am content with the list of what it CAN do already!

As a barely-chef, I’ve been thrust into the kitchen with little fanfare and three hungry little men to feed, and so my meals have to be healthy, yummy and easy to put together.

Let me share a recipe for my three-step fried chicken strips that takes me about 5 minutes to prepare and under 10 minutes to cook – perfect for busy moms like me! I adapted this from one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes, so it seems the perfect dish to pay homage to the man and the food processor.

Collage 4


2 chicken thighs, deboned (You can use breast meat if you like, but the boys in my house prefer the juicier thigh portion)

3 cloves of garlic (cos I love the smell and taste of garlic!)

6 crackers (I couldn’t find the usual square ones in my nearest Coles, so these are slightly larger so I only used 5 squares)

2 tbsps of butter

Parsley (fresh if possible, but I used from a bottle)

2 tbsps of plain flour

1 large egg

Olive oil

Sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Touch of lemon juice (I used kalamansi cos I forgot to get lemon, which works too)



1)   Into the PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver food processor went the crackers, butter, garlic, parsley. Salt and pepper to season. Process till fine.

P1010508 Collage 3

2)   Prepare the chicken. I chose to slice my chicken before breading them, but you can opt to bread the entire thigh. Break the egg into a bowl and beat well. Have the flour in another plate and the crumbs made in step one in the third plate. Cover each chicken piece well in flour, put them into the egg mixture and then coat on the crumbs well.



3)   Put some olive oil in a heated pan, and cook each chicken piece till golden brown. The aroma of the garlic will be sure to fill the entire kitchen! With this recipe, you can opt to fry as I did or you can choose to roast or even bake, and you can have different meats. Pork would go well with this, I reckon, so I am keen to try this again.


Ta-da! There you have it – an easy-peasy chicken dish even I could whip up in no time, all thanks to my handy PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver food processor. It helped to cut down my preparation time to under a minute with those powerful blades, and in trying to manage three kids and a house to clean, every second saved is pretty precious.

I look forward to more culinary adventures, just me and my Jamie. The processor, not the man. Jayvon has been asking to bake, so once I get my hands on a kitchen scale, we will give it a go together!

Keep life simple with the PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver range which includes a food processor (S$268), blender (S$128) and hand blender (S$108). Available at leading electronics and departmental stores.

Disclaimer: This review post is part of a series of sponsored conversations between PHILIPS Singapore and SANses. I have been compensated for this post and received the PHILIPS | Jamie Oliver Food Processor in order to carry out a full and true user experience. All opinions expressed here are based entirely on my personal experience.

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