Outdoor fun

If there is one thing I have learnt about living in Australia – it is the nation’s love, passion and obsession with the outdoors. It is evident in the gorgeous beaches…


Gorgeous parks…


And well, pretty much any outdoor playground that litters that various suburbs.


During winter, the best way to keep warm is to go out. And now that spring is here, I learn that the best way to keep cool is… you got it! To go out! Aussies love their outdoors for sure!

The schools that Jay and Xav go to also have extremely strict on outdoor play. In Jay’s school, it is a strict “no-hat-no-play” policy all year round, which simply means if the kids don’t have their hats on, they would be stuck indoors! A dreadful possibility – and my normally-cap-wearing-resistant Jayvon has been very compliant! Xav’s childcare also has a huge bottle of sunscreen and all kids have to put it on before venturing to the playground as well.

Just as important as pre-outdoor play rules, I also make sure the kids have a good post-outdoor play routine, once they get home!


And yes – when it comes to messy sand play, you can be sure my two sons are VERY into it! Totally committed!

We are firm believers of outdoor play – inculcating in them a love for the outdoors would be one of the best things we can do for them! So from the playground to the beach to the pool, these are our usual “haunts” on a weekly basis. Outdoor play teaches them how to have fun together, how not to spoil the fun for each other, how to share and take turns – not to mention the gross and fine motor skills practice that they put in, digging, running, climbing, sliding, swimming… Phew!

With the active lifestyle, I do make sure that they also understand the importance of washing their hands and faces when they come back home. It is the very first thing they have been “trained” to do – once the shoes are off, they will trudge off to the wash basin. I use Lifebuoy’s antibacterial hand soap – perfect for fighting off germs and infections, and with their full range of various scents, the boys’ favourite has got to be the Colour Changing Handwash! If you have boys like mine, who have an infatuation for all things superhero, they would adore this handwash – which makes their hands turn green (and be clean) at the same time. I just saw this video uploaded on Lifebuoy’s Facebook Page, and showed it to my boys who were tickled, erm, green?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation between Lifebuoy Singapore and SANses. All opinions stated are entirely my own.

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