Hallo 2014!

2013 has been a pretty amazing year.

We had a new baby, bringing the count to three. (Where it will stand, in case you are wondering)


And she is a feisty one, not losing ground to her adoring older brothers with her loud voice and cute smiles.

We now live in a brand new city and finding our footing. From relying on taxis and buses (okay, admittedly taxis more than buses), we got our first family car – a second hand 7-seater Toyota Estima – and have been on some awesome road trips with it. More on our recently concluded Gold Coast / Brisbane drive…. Once I can get the suitcases unpacked and house back in order.

A new way of life. Out with the daily banter with my colleagues and in with daily chit chatting with the boys.

A simpler way of life. Where my phone is no longer the epicenter of the day. And where messages are not replied immediately and where I use my phone more as a spare camera (and game console) more than anything else.

Sure I have forsaken my manicures and pedicures and while my nails are worse off, I reckon my kids are better off.

As a testament of how much time we now spend with the kids, today was my very first driving lesson. Yes. I am learning so that I can take over the school runs and free the hubby to, you know, study.

I bundled the kids up the car so the hubby can bring them to the nearby shopping centre for food and fun, and went off to meet my instructor.

The hubby says… A minute after I left my older boy commented, “Hmm, I miss Mummy already.”

*heart melting*

So when my blood pressure climbs and my voice grows hoarse from nagging-scolding-nagging at the boys’ crazy antics, I also remember the highs more than the lows and the times we now share that I probably would have missed behind my work desk.

So… Here is to an even more awesome 2014!

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  1. Adeline

    Awww… so sweet of your older boy! I think being alone with the kids in a foreign country is really quite a different experience from being a SAHM in Singapore, to be honest. Have fun with your kiddos!
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