Mad Science Party!

Six years old.

My boy is six. S-I-X.

I look at him, and wonder sometimes where the years and months and days slip to. Six years. Already? Almost seems impossible!

This time round, it was a real coincidence that we would actually be back in Singapore during his birthday. I was really happy with that, cos I knew how much he misses his classmates back in his old school – though he is all “tough-boy” about it when I ask him!

We decided to hold his birthday celebration in his school – and Mad Science Singapore generously offered to sponsor a very special Space Frontiers party for my little man. They have so many different themes, and it took a bit of discussion with Jay, before we (or rather, he) finally decided to settle on the Space Frontiers theme – thanks in part to the fact that he was learning about the solar system in school as well.


On the actual day, a special “Mad Scientist” (the guy in the white lab coat… Subtle eh?) was around to host the party. And to capture the attention of a bunch of 5-6 year olds? What a tough job! Haha!


A few of the kids were picked up to show the solar system – wearing planet “necklaces” to show the varying sizes of the planet. Jay, on the far left, was the sun – which explains the huge yellow bobble in front of him. This was an innovative presentation, and the kids were also able to see how the planets rotate around the sun.


So there was a fair bit of teaching, but the big big highlight was this:

photo 2 (2)

Launching a “rocket” bottle into space! Or in this case, into the next door neighbour’s house (OOOPS!). The kids were so excited to see this, and Jay even had the chance to “launch” the rocket.

All in all, the kids had a blast, and Jay felt suitably special.

Thinking about engaging Mad Science Singapore for your kid’s birthday party too?

Here’s why I think you should:

~ No fuss party planning. Like, totally no fuss. Choose the party theme (they have a variety, ranging from Dinosaurs to Air Blast, and of course Space Frontiers which I had), tell them the details (venue, number of kids) and ta-da! The Mad Scientist arrives on the day itself and you can sit back and let him take over the entertainment for the next hour or so. In fact, they even had goodie packs that you can order, saving even more time.

~ Educational AND fun. I loved that the kids “took away” some learning that day. And it was done in a way that they enjoyed and had fun – picking up “moon rocks”, watching a rocket launch, seeing some “constellations” in their classroom ceiling.

~ An engaging Mad Scientist. 20 hyperactive kids. 1 Mad Scientist. The odds seemed stacked against him. So kudos for a job well done. He was able to be firm with the kids who were a tad too excited and yet keeping the rest entertained.

But a grouse, if any? The Space Frontiers theme is a newly launched one – and I felt at times the “teaching” got a bit too draggy and it started causing the kids to fidget too much. The activity times were great, but the teaching would be better if it were more concise. The team was more than happy to hear that feedback, and I reckon that they would be refining it to make this a even better experience.

So a huge thanks to Mad Science Singapore once again, for taking the load of party planning off my shoulders, and putting up such an awesome program for Jay and his friends. This was one of his biggest highlights in our trip back!

Disclaimer: Mad Science Singapore sponsored the party package, and all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.

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