A Father’s Day Tribute

Okay, first off, I meant for this post to be ‘live’ much, much earlier. But the family was in town for a visit, and last week was filled with good food, loads of fun and the boys had a blast. The day we said goodbye, Jayvon (the sensitive soul he is) was more than a little distraught, and so we spent a lot of time just hanging out with him, playing games, talking, rainbow-looming.

And so this post took a backseat. But I guess better late than leaving this in the draft/dump folder eh?

First off, a HUGE thanks to all the Daddies who’ve taken their time to answer this very simple question I posed to them. They come from all walks of lives, and have one, two or three kids – but no matter the number of children, one thing is for sure, they are proud papas! Some are bloggers, but all are busy at their jobs and at home, and I am so stoked they took the time to answer my question! I asked each daddy to complete this sentence:

“The Best Part Of Being A Dad Is…”

It’s all about the smiles.

… seeing my daughter smile back at me when I get back from work.” Joshua, father of 1.

… coming home to 2 little ones with a big wide smile, and at times contorting their faces trying to look funny, and making weird sound everyday. And definitely love their bombardment of questions and tons of requests without fail.” Kenneth, father of 2.

And the ability to fulfill a childhood superhero ambition.

… being a hero to them where they adore your super abilities to make their day exciting and joyous.” Samuel a.k.a. “The Hero”, father of 2.

It’s all about the motivation.

… to able to be my son’s buddy, someone he can be a friend to and looks up to as a role-model.” Wee Lee, father of 1.

… that it gives me the motivation and reason to work hard in life – for my son’s future.Alvin, father of 1.

… going through all hassle and necessary things for the kids, and at the end of the day, seeing them growing healthily, smiling back, the hugs, kisses they give at the end of the day… It just makes all things worth it!” Johnson, father of 2

And it’s all about the simple pleasures in life.

… to suit up my kids in identical Chelsea jerseys with me!” Keith, father of 2.

… having 2 cutie girls showering their attention on me.Isaiah, father of 2.

“… my son gives me a hug before I leave my work everyday.” Melvin, father of 1.

Daddies are all about fun, eh?

… having kids to fool around with!Edmund, father of 3.

… being able to mess with my kids’ brains and enjoy their reactions and darn things they say.” Zhisen, father of 2.

… when I get home from work and the kids jump all over the place chanting: “Papa! Papa! Papa!” Then they just go back to their activity and ignore me completely; but I still like it.” Maxime, father of 2.

It even brings out the not-so-hidden Hokkien Beng in them!

… you get to officially say, ‘wah si lin lao bei.’” Dan, father of 1.

And *gasp*, changes you like nothing you can imagine.

… whenI found myself googling for Thomas & friends’ song lyrics as to fulfill my son’s request.” Raymond, a.k.a. “the hard rocker guitarist”, father of 1.

And I thought I’d leave the last word to the wonderful daddy for my Jayvon, Xavier and Zoie (it isn’t often he has the last word), so here’s his take on it.

The best part of being a dad is having the pleasure of looking at the angelic sleeping faces of your little ones and savouring the peaceful moment knowing that you have created a home and done something right with your life; it is simply therapeutic.” Nic, father of 3.

(And I agree… Kids look simply angelic when they are sleeping! Haha!)

Fathers Day


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  1. Adora

    Haha it’s true. They are so excited when he’s home but it only lasts a minute. They yell papa papa papa! And need to show them the Lego aero planes they built, the pages they coloured, the books they’re reading… All before he’s even got his socks off.

    And then it’s back to climbing all over mama :)
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