Primary One Registration – The Non-Event

Jayvon turns 7 next year.

And this means, he is due to go into Primary One.

I’ve seen many a Facebook status update on parents with 6-going-on-7-year-olds like me, and how they have been thinking about the “right” Primary school to go to (the famous, elite ones versus the neighbourhood ones), the balloting process, the decision-making. Not to knock any of that of, but Jayvon’s Primary One registration was pretty much a non-event.

Firstly, we are now based in Sydney, which makes any notion of doing any sort of Parent Volunteering pretty much moot. There is this “elite” school that is a block away from where we stay, with strong roots in Chinese and had a reputation of churning out students with good results. But with our absense from Singapore, and no association with the school whatsoever, I didn’t want to be stressing about getting a place via the ballot. So this basically narrowed our Primary School choice to just… one. My own alma matar, which also happened to be within 1 km from where we stay (oh, what foresight we had moving in this house three years ago!) and while not as well-known or as “elite” as the other, has a pretty okay reputation. Plus my nephews are in the school, so I reckon Jayvon has someone to look out for him.

I mean, when he DOES attend the school, that is.


So he got into a Primary School.

Total non-event in this household.

What does throw a spanner in the works is that the hubby would be doing his research back in Singapore for three months, and it would coincide with the start of Primary One for Jay. So, rather than getting a Leave of Absence (required for all enrolled students who will not be in the country), he would be most probably attending two to three months of P1, and then we will bring him back to Sydney for the hubby to finish up his thesis, and finally get the PhD.

And THAT… is a whole different headache for another day to think about! Haha!

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