The Little Lady Of The House

Zoie Sep 2014

Meet Zoie. 16 months of age.

She has the sweetest smile and cutest dimples, but truly a little tigress in the making.

She doesn’t walk as yet. I say “doesn’t” cos she can easily cruise along, and stumble when we hold her hands, and she can crawl up a flight of stairs unaided. So I reckon it is simply a choice she is making now.

I don’t blog about her enough, I think, so let me use this post to recount her milestones thus far. (I know full well the limits of my memory, so jotting what she can achieve is probably my only hope of remembering.)

First Few Words:


“Maameee.” (YES! *fist pump in the air*)

“Kor-Kor.” (Term she calls her older brothers).

“No-no-no-no.” (With a finger wag too.)

“ssssssss.” (Meaning yes. Give me that biscuit/cookie/milk NOW.)

“I-you.” (Short for I love you)


Fine Motor Skills:

She can one-finger-swipe the iPad like a pro.

Zoie blocks

She loves such toys, and can play them pretty well. Compared to her two older brothers at this age, she seems waaaaay more advanced than them (in this aspect in particular).

Fave food:

zoie fruit

She eats well – but she prefers to feed herself (fine by me!). She loves holding on to pieces to chicken or fruit and taking a bite by herself. She has a penchant for chocolate (oops) and fruits (phew!) but mostly is game to try anything. A Chinese girl through and through – she loves her noodles!

My weakness when it comes to Zoie is… clothes. I love browsing for new outfits for her, and the thing about living in a country that experiences the four seasons is a double-edged sword. Sure, you get to buy awesomely cute sweaters and jumpers and tights… but it also means you need a wardrobe overhaul once the hot weather hits! So I love shopping and buying her new clothes is no issue – but shopping on a budget isn’t as fun. Well, I make do with select pieces from Target (I like their in-house designs) as well as my online shopping addiction with Carters and Gap. In fact, *cough* I may have just bought a LOT of clothes online, to be sent to Singapore, and for me to cart back when we go back for a holiday!

So there you have it – my little dragon princess. The apple of our eye, and adored by her brothers.

I am blessed. :)

Counting my blessings with…

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  1. Jocelyn

    She’s so adorable! I miss this age, it’s like they are learning new things all the time and surprising us with their antics and milestones :)


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