An Open Letter to New Parents from Your Dog

Today on the blog, I am happy to have Robyna (or to be more specific, her dog) post for us. The one good that has come out of my move to Sydney is being exposed to a whole new world of bloggers, and Robyna’s one such recent inclusion to my blog reading list!

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Robyna May writes as one half as the Mummy and the Minx, a blog dedicated to empowering mothers and inspiring minxes. Their blog is all about getting the mojo back into your life and expanding possibilities when they contract after having babies.

Hope you enjoy her writing, and don’t forget to pop over to her blog!


An Open Letter to New Parents from Your Dog

This is Cute

Remember when I first came into your life? All tiny and fluffy and gorgeous? You would look into my dark brown eyes and vow to love me forever? We would go on walks. Runs even. You would take me to the dog park every other afternoon. We would play.

At first, you needed a bit of house-training. You tried to put me outside to sleep. Remember that? It didn’t take long before I spent the nights on the bottom of your bed. You thought that the couch was a dog-free zone. I quickly put that right as well. I had you wrapped around my little paws.

And then the interloper came along. Oh, I was warned. Jacky the spaniel at the dog park nodded at your burgeoning belly and barked to me “Everything in your life is about to change.” I didn’t believe him. Not my parents.


But then you brought him home and you wouldn’t stop gushing over how gorgeous he was. Remember me as a puppy? Now I was gorgeous. The bald little thing that just seemed to cry? I wasn’t not so sure. Not that you let me close enough to see. A sniff of his foot, a whiff of his hand, but try to give him a good lick on the face and you freaked out!

I remember when I was very little and new to our house. I cried a bit. Not much. A few times a night. You put me in the laundry. This interloper cried all night. You never put him in the laundry.

When a host of new soft toys that made wonderful noises arrived, I thought that things had made a turn forthe better. You had recognised the error of your ways and had come up with an assortment of peace offerings. But, oh no, not only had your affections shifted to this new little baby, but he got all the good toys as well.

Things have improved. When the little one started to eat solid food, things became infinitely better. Despite the fact that you insist on calling him clever, the baby is completely incompetent when it comes to feeding himself. Scrap time at dinner has never been more abundant. Sometimes I think he gives me food on purpose.

Not all bad

He is getting a little more fun. At least he pays me some attention! When he isn’t pulling my tail, ears, hair, nose, he is actually quite a splendid little fellow. Considering what he has put me through, I am really quite magnanimous towards him. I let him play in my water bowl and I even let him have some of my food one time (although I don’t think I was supposed to tell you about that).

I would call the little interloper a friend now. It has taken some time. Just don’t get into the habit of bringing any more in. Okay?

Yours Sincerely,

The Dog


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  1. Adora

    Hehe this is a really cute perspective! I’ve heard of parents who’ve given up their pets when their kids arrived, so three cheers to Robyna for keeping her first love even after her gorgeous little boy entered her life!
    Adora recently posted…Embracing the NowMy Profile


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