30 days to go


Well, to our trip back to Singapore, of course!

I am so looking forward to going back, catching up with family and friends, good food galore and no housework to do for three months. Okay, the order might be a bit topsy-turvy but needless to say, I am HAPPY to be back.


We don’t have much stuff planned yet, though there will be some major change. One major change to be exact.

Jayvon will be attending Primary One!

Now, he’s already attended almost two years worth of formal school here in Sydney, so he’s used to the whole school system (of bells ringing to signal the end of class, of ordering his own food, of getting himself ready for school) – so I know in many ways, he is more than prepared for his P1 journey, possibly more so that his peers. He is outspoken, fearless, intelligent, inquisitive – and did I mention outspoken yet? He reads well, writes well, is great in his Maths, and has a natural curiosity for science and nature.

Oh, but I got to admit I have butterflies in my stomach.

How he would take to learning Mandarin all over again. Sitting in a rigid classroom of so many children (compared to his class of 20, and a more relaxed table arrangement which is geared towards group work). Homework, homework, homework.

But we’re taking things one step at a time, and now we look set to have the busiest month of the year yet, as I get my business(es) in order, market stalls to set up, Jayvon pre-birthday-party-cum-farewell for his friends, and cleaning the house and packing our luggage. Oh, it’s going to be a month to remember, alright!

Well, to my Singaporean friends – I’ll be seeing you all soon. And yeah – any Aussie yummies you’d like me to cart home? ;)

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    • Sandra

      Haha! Yes – it has zoomed by so fast! We are looking forward to the break back home before the hubs blazes through the rest of his studies back in Syd :) We should have an SMB thingy yeah? ;)


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