Sydney for Kids: Wattamolla Beach

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I first got to know about the Wattamolla beach from a Facebook group, as some mummies were asking about a good beach that is under an hour’s drive from Sydney – and this popped up a few times, highly recommended by a few of the mummies!

And so obviously I had to show the hubby. Cos he is the cab driver. *cough*

The mummies were raving about the gorgeous beach, the mini lagoon which was kid-friendly, the lush surroundings.

And they weren’t exaggerating.

wattamolla 2

The frantic Mummy in me means that I get very uptight when the boys are near the water. Especially when the tide is rising or when the undercurrent is strong, I will not take my eyes off them. At. All.

And if you are like me, this beach will be right up your alley. There is a gorgeous little lagoon area, shallow enough for kids to walk a distance away!

Wattamolla 3

As you can see, practically the whole area is shallow enough even for Xavier to wander a few meters in, and the still waters make it very safe for the kids. There are deeper parts, but there is enough shallow for my two boys to enjoy without wandering too far in.

wattamolla 4

And boy oh boy, did they enjoy themselves. Rolling around in the shallow waters, practicing some swimming moves, watching the sand twirl and swirl as they walked and walked and jumped and hopped. Splashing and splishing.

It was such a perfect Saturday…

That we went back on Sunday.

Yes. Same beach. Two days in a row.

Liberal sloshes of sunscreen, a tent and loads of liquids sustained us through.

wattamolla 6 wattamolla 7

But as this was our final weekend in Sydney (for the next three months at least), this was probably the perfect ending note for us all!

And Zoie? My little princess, who normally loves a spot of water play, was feeling a little under the weather, so after  taking these quick shots on my iPhone, I had to retire to a shady spot with her!

Address: The Wattamolla Beach is located with the Royal National Park. An $11 entrance fee is payable (cash only), and there is plenty of car park – though you can expect a crowd especially on weekends. Once you get there, it is a good 250-300 metre walk down to the beach, and pram access is not possible – so carry your tots.

Tips If You’re Planning A Trip To This Beach:

– Like everywhere else in Sydney, don’t forgot your hat & sunscreen! Swimwear, towels and a change of clothes would also be useful so you don’t drip water all the way home. Changing rooms available near the car parks, so you can wash up there.

– For the older kids or more adventurous, there are even cliff jumps, and the two days we were there, there were a LOT of young kids (and young at hearts) jumping off a cliff edge that looks to be about 2 1/2 storeys high (and also some shorter 1 metre high ones).

– There is no handphone reception. I repeat. No handphone reception. The moment you enter the park gates, and the 20 minutes or so it takes you to drive in to the beach area (about 17 km away) – you can wave goodbye to civilization and get ready to “tough” it out! But this makes this area even more surreal as you are very literally cut off from the rest of the world and can take in the gorgeous scenery around.

– We bought a cheap tent, and use that as a means to escape the relentless sun. Bring food & drinks too, though there is a small mobile cafe near the car park.

This is part of my ongoing blog series on Our Sydney Adventures – as we call this gorgeous city “home” for the next year or so. Come and Sydney like a local (almost) with us!

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