The unChinese Boy

Warning: This may give some of you uncontrollable giggles or endless finger-wagging. Consider this an inside joke, and really REALLY funny if you speak Chinese!

These English/Chinese animal flash cards were found in my in-laws house, and is a few years old. Jay used to love animals, and those pictures used to entertain him for a while.

Two years in Australia with zero training in hanyu pinyin has made him quite the unChinese.

The hubby and I were tickled – so much so I videotaped this down, and Jay was also very amused! We also sent this to some close friends and family, and got two separate reactions:

The “WAHAHAHA SO FUNNY!!!” group.

And the “Oh my God, here’s some instructions/apps/books/blah blah blah you should teach him from!” group.

It might be the Aussie laidback-ness in me, but I don’t really see the fuss. Yeah, he can’t pronounce properly to save his life, but well, he HAS been away for 2 years. And he is a smart boy, and I am sure he will pick it up. In due time. Eventually.

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