Back… to reality

After a three-month stint back in Singapore, which comprised a LOT of eating and meeting friends, and eating, and going to church, and eating some more, it was high time for us to come back to reality. Yes. Back in Sydney. In our 2-bedroom rented apartment, having no one else to turn to for household chores, luggages half-unpacked, dinners to cook…

The kids have adjusted pretty okay – they are loving the SPACE they have, the frequent trips to our nearest Westfields shopping centre (read: TARGET toys)… and gosh, they are eating us poor by loving the fresh and crisp and yummy produce here. I have a weakness for the occasional Pringle chip – and I really hated the ones back in Singapore. But they taste SO DARN good here! And chocolates? Out of the world kind of creamy goodness.

Ahem. Okay, before I feel to urge the raid the nearby Coles to satisfy my sweet tooth, let’s move on. Haha!

The moving back has taken its toil on us – but in a sense, I am also happy to finally begin (once again) our great Aussie adventure. :) And yes – I will try to blog more and have more photos the next time!

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