Saying Goodbye Is The Hardest Thing‏

In a flash, our three month stay back in Singapore has come to an inevitable end. It was tiring. It was fun. It was fulfilling. And it has come to an end.

Maybe because unlike our previous 2-weeks trip back, this longer stay also meant saying goodbyes made it a little harder.

Not so much for me or Nic. Sure I will miss my friends, my family.

But my heart is breaking at how my little man is handling it. Sure, he puts on that brave face. Over-compensates by sometimes acting up and making the silliest of demands. Playing the fool. Making loud noises. Poking fun at his younger siblings. Well, nothing really out of the ordinary (if you know my boy), but just more exaggerated and over the top. But I have also seen his sad expression. How his face scrunches up with tears just before bedtime the last week as he asks me not to go back to Sydney. And how he would miss his grandmother.

“Do you want to stay behind? We can arrange something.”

“But no! I will miss Daddy and u and Xavier and Zoie too!” Comes the anguished reply.


I know. The hubby knows. We need to get our routines back to normal in Sydney and he will adjust quickly back. Let him have a time at his favourite Target store, munch on churros and his fave ice-cream, go to the beach for some fun. And his love for Sydney would be revived.

But for now, it is tough. Having to make the decision for the family and seeing how it pains him so.

So teary farewells have gone, and we find ourselves back in familiar territory. And our very first stop … was Target, to get the kids a small toy each, to help salve the pain of leaving family and friends behind. :)

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  1. diana

    Sorry to hear that u left for Sydney again. Sorry to only drop by ur blog now to read about it hence the delay to send my best wishes to you and ur family. Hope the dust has settled by now and everyone at home is enjoying Sydney again. Hope to meet u when u are back home the next time. Jia you!
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