The Growing Princess


Ever so often, I get a tad emo.

Just a tad.

Call it milestone-blues, if you will. Or that feeling that the kids are growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it. Like when Jayvon started kindy here. Or when Xavier finally became toilet-trained. And with Zoie, it was not too long ago when she was still a teeny weeny little babe.

And bam! Reality kicks in like a wild horse. She’s walking. She’s running. She’s climbing stairs. She’s bullying her two older brothers. She’s singing the alphabet.

And counting effortlessly from 1 to 10. All before she turns 2 (which is the end of the month, incidentally).

So yup, the feeling of grasping at straws, as my three kids outgrow their jeans, as they exert their independent thinking, as they start enjoying time without Mummy & Daddy – just the three of them, huddled under our Dining Table as they play on the iPad.

On the one hand, I am thankful and about to yelp – YES! FREEDOM!

And on the other hand, I can’t deny my emotional response. Haha! As a blogger, I am also blessed and cursed – in that sense. Blessed to be able to document the growth of my kids, and yet also cursed to view life behind the lens, and behind the keyboard, instead of just living it with the kids. This might explain my long breaks in between posts, as I try to spend time with them. Heck, I even played Minecraft with Jayvon just the other day. And stopped after 15 minutes cos my poor brain couldn’t take it! Haha! (That is a blog post for another day haha!)

So yeah, this rush of emotions is probably due to the fact my baby is going to be baby no more, as she turns two come end April. And as the last of my “babies”, there is an air of finality to this. Baby no more. No more babies.

Be still, my heart.

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