It’s Just Another Rainy Day

“Streets Flooded As Sydney Cops Drenching”

“Storm Of The Century Batters Sydney”

Just two of the headlines today, as it marks a pretty out-of-the-ordinary day for us here in Sydney, Australia.

Normally, we would be out of the house by 8.45 a.m. on a regular Wednesday morning, to drop Jayvon off at school, and Xavier and Zoie off at childcare. The relentless and seemingly unstopping rain for the past three consecutive days meant that we made a judgment call to leave the two younger kids at home (where they’d be safe, warm and dry)


The view from our apartment, seeming calm – but missing those blue, blue skies.

So since yesterday, the pace of things are pretty different. Jayvon is still in school – while the rain has caused closures of quite a number of public schools, we are thankful to be located at an area of Sydney where it isn’t as bad. So tucked into his younger brother’s George Pig raincoat (hahaha… cos being the Mother of the Year that I am, I totally forgot to get a raincoat for him), he has been off to school to do some productive learning.

Leaving me saddled, I mean, with the two younger ones.


Time-check: 10.24 a.m. We love Octonauts, as you can guess.

Normally I’d be having my cup of Chai Latte or doing some mid-week grocery shopping (I haven’t mastered the art of shopping for the entire week’s groceries in one single day!).

Today, the hubby was tasked to drop Jayvon off, and armed with my shopping list, is hitting the shops to gather supplies that we would need for the next few days. You know, essentials like chips and chocolates. Haha! Not really – but having the two kids with me for the whole day plus a dreadfully rainy weather means we are literally STUCK at home. And from having to just cook one dinner a day, I now have to prepare lunch AND dinner. Hurray.

But nope, we are all still in our pyjamas, and happily chilling the whole day.

And I guess this is why I love being a stay at home mom, running my businesses online. It helps me to manage my time, and there’re no leave days to apply for reasons and seasons like this.


Toys, toys, and – wait for it – more toys!

So my house looks like the storm happened inside – just without the rainy bit. Toys, bits, bobs, this and that, all strewn on the floor. The kids huddled together to watch back-to-back movies with me (we’ve done with Planes, Big Hero 6 & Penguins of Madagascar so far).

A day in my life. Begins at 8 a.m. Ends at 1 a.m. (or later, depending on when my little princess decides to sleep). Filled with gratitude for my family being intact, safe, happy and healthy. And rain or no, that’s pretty good in itself.

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    can i ask how much did u pay for school fees at Daceyville as an international student?



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