Dry Nights are the Best Nights


Any parent would agree – this is the best sight, especially after a long day!


I think my kids are really pretty cool. But they look especially angelic – when they are sleeping. This photo of Zoie? She’s not really sleeping (pffft!) but she responded to my call to ask for a sleeping pic so well, I couldn’t resist getting a shot in.

My nocturnally-inclined baby girl can think of a million and one reasons to NOT go to bed. From wanting to drink chocolate milk for the fourth time, to wanting another cracker, or a grape, or an apple, or a yogurt (you get the idea), it can sometimes be pretty tiring and sometimes pretty tiresome getting her to bed.

So you can imagine. Once I finally manage to get her to sleep, the LAST thing I absolutely want is for her to wake up. Especially from a leaky diaper! This has happened a few times, and it is so not fun!

Having had three kids, one financial lesson I have learnt is that there are things that are unnecessary expenses, and there are things that are well worth spending on. And nappies fall into the second category. There are just too many cons in a bad diaper, and so many pros to getting a good one – it’s an easy decision for me. There are two main considerations for me when choosing a diaper, namely: Comfort & Durability. Especially for the precious night’s sleep – this is even more important, as the last thing you would want is to crawl out of bed to change a leaky diaper, and stained pyjamas and bedsheets!

Introducing the all-new Drypers Drynights, which assures us sleep-deprived parents up to 12 hours of dry comfort for our little ones!


We were given 2 packs of the Drypers Drynights (9-14kg), which fits Zoie perfectly. Now, when I first received this product, I must admit that the first thought that ran through my mind was: “Is it REALLY necessary to have a separate diaper JUST for bedtime?” I was pretty happy with her current diaper brand, which we use all the time – in the day, at childcare, and yes, even at night.

But there is more than meets the eye. The reason why Drypers Drynights can offer up to 12 hours of dryness for the baby is because it has the Longest Absorption Core (compared to its competitors) – which simply means baby stays dryer for longer. It prevent any “backflow” that might happen when the baby pees too much, and the diaper can hold more, both of which is important. During the day, we probably have a diaper change once every three to four hours. But the very last diaper before bed often has to last a good eight to twelve hours, and the Drypers Drynights caters to this, ensuring baby sleeps with a dry, comfortable diaper.

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And after a month of using this product, with zero accidents, I am a convert for using separate day and night diapers! A good day diaper offers comfort and durability – for the hours when your child is active and moving and toddling around. A good night diaper offers dryness and comfort for a prolonged period, so your child can have a good and restful night’s sleep (and us parents too!)


My little “model” showing off her chops – while I was trying to do a nappy change for her.

Thanks to Drypers Singapore for sending me this product to review, and you can pop over to their Facebook Page to keep up to date with the latest news and promotions. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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