So My Daughter Sleeps Much More In Childcare Than At Home… and other tales


I have a nocturnal daughter. Like, seriously.

She takes a catnap at around 6 p.m., after we pick Xavier and her from childcare, when her brothers are busy devouring their dinners, she prefers to take a small nip of the food, drinks milk and collapses, for 45 to 60 minutes.

And then she is awake. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed. And stays awake till past midnight. Every night.

Which I am fine.

Until I read the childcare report of her sleeping patterns for the week. I usually take a glance, and usually it’s a normal 2-hour nap in the day. But not THAT day. That day, she slept from 11.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.


I pay a freakish amount for her to go to a pretty good childcare, with great teachers, and a very well-rounded program.

And she naps for HALF THE TIME.

The next day, she napped for 3.5 hours. The day after, also about there.

She should be up and about and traumatizing the teachers! Erm, I mean, learning stuff, and you know, playing. Haha! Anything but sleeping!

So which begs the question… maybe we should get her out of childcare? We’d save money. And if she sleeps this much in the house, I can still get some work done!

It’s something to think of, for sure, but not a decision we can make easily. It is easy to stop her childcare or even reduce the number of days, but the fact is, with the high demand for childcare spaces in the suburb I am in, there is not a very high chance I can get a placement back in the same childcare!

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

(Oh, and my little Miss 2 has just learnt to wink! Haha! I am glad I caught it on my handphone camera – in the montage above, fuzzy though it may be).

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  1. Raylene Barton

    My daughter is the same. On the days she is home with me I am lucky to get her to go down for a sleep unless we go for a walk in the pram. Daycare though she sleeps twice making a total of 4 hours…..


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