The Perfect / Imperfect Child

PerfectI have three perfect children.

They are healthy, funny, smart, witty kids. They have a great sense of humour, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to where their imagination can take them.

Jayvon is creative and artistic. His mind speeds at 300km per hour, as he imagines what his next art work will be, or his next building in Minecraft will look like. He loves his siblings fiercely, giving them hugs and kisses freely and is always ready to make a funny face or say something funny and cause them to buckle over in laughter. He is brilliant with Maths, and while it might seem a strange thing to do, he absolutely loves it when we go through Maths questions on the go. I can imagine how it might be like to someone passing us by, and hearing me ask Jay, “What is 3,000 + 6,000?”  or “What is 40,000 + 50,000?” What a typical Asian Tiger Mom I must seem! But nah, he enjoys it more than I enjoy giving it! Haha!

Xavier is adorable. Charming. He has a way to get people (*coughcoughthefather*) to do what he wants, and really, it’s hard to resist his big puppy dog eyes, and he’s (mostly) understood the “soft” approach works way, way better than the whining and tantrum-throwing. He loves his siblings fiercely, insists on crawling up to the upper bunk of their bed to sleep in the same bed as Jayvon every night, holds on to Zoie’s hands in childcare when we drop them off to give her reassurance. He is a sweet-natured boy, and often finds himself having to give in to his older and younger sibling, but he is easily placated.

Zoie is coming to her own. She has found her voice – very literally. She gave me a earache when she let out a piercing shout just the day before. For no particular reason, cos she was screeching and smiling at our reactions. She is musical, and sings songs and dances, and is particularly pleased when I can make out the song she is singing. The alphabet song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Rain Rain Go Away… she has about 10 songs in her repertoire, and growing. When left to her own devices, she loves to go and raid Jayvon’s art supplies, to pour out the crayons and markers and start drawing on the paper. Jayvon loves it, and draws with her and is happy to share.

30 April 2015

I have three imperfect children.

They whinge, whine, quarrel, argue, fight, spit, nudge, elbow, poke, annoy, frustrate, irritate and they do this to each other, to us and to other people.

They play together, and after five minutes, start screaming at each other.

They sleep on the same bed and after an hour, we can still hear them talking and discussing about Minecraft.

They share some art supplies, and then argue when they both want the same one.

They kick a ball in the field, and whine when one kicks it too far off.

No one wants to bathe first. And no one wants to bathe second. And everyone wants to be the third to bathe, except when it’s time for the third kid to bathe.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

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