Winter Fashion Essentials for Baby Girls (Plus a $100 Gift Card Giveaway)

I’ve lived in hot, humid, beads-of-perspiration-rolling-down-your-face, balmy Singapore my whole life. It’s hot. It’s humid. And we live for air-conditioning. So my wardrobe has always consisted of cotton-y basics, and if you wear leather boots out, people give you a sideways glance and mutter “weirdo” under their breath, as they walk past you with their flip-flops and short shorts.

So making our home in Sydney, Australia has been challenging.

I had no idea how to clothe the kids. What is winter in Sydney like? Would goose down feather jackets be too much? (The answer: Yes. A sure-fire way to know who are the Aussie newbies). Layering? What? What layers? It made matters worse when we were first coming over in June 2013 – right at the start of winter, barely giving the kids time to get slowly acclimatised to the cold. Well, we survived, just, and despite my best efforts to get enough clothes before coming over, I have to admit, we had to buy a LOT more when we reached. Singlets, long-sleeved tees, trackies, jumpers… all these became the staple wardrobe pieces for the boys.

Two years down, as winter has crept up on us, I find myself much more prepared. I know what I need to get. I know how much of each item I have to get (to allow for sufficient laundry time in between). And I get loads of plain basics, and make sure I try to jazz up the kids’ winter wardrobes with a few key kick-ass items.

Let’s start with Zoie. She’s two, and is as Aussie as they come, having lived here since she was 5 weeks old.


Basic Winter Wardrobe includes:

  • Singlets or onesies
  • Plain long-sleeved tees (I bought about 5 of these)
  • Trackies (At her age/height, I haven’t found one that fits well though)
  • Jumpers
  • Leggings

But I love fashion. And I love to dress my kids up well. And by well, I really mean well. There are a few buys that I won’t stinge on, and one of it is a good jacket. A nice, thick, warm jacket to drive these wintery chills away!

So Zoie’s Enhanced, Add-On Winter Wardrobe would include:

  • A good winter jacket
  • Thick tights
  • Boots
  • A well-fitting beanie

And these are items I would spend a little more on, as I find the usual stores might not sell quality pieces.

I was stoked when Catimini Australia offered Zoie a little Winter package, and even more delighted when I saw that one of the pieces was this awesome faux leather jacket. I could not keep my hands off it! It was soft, felt luxurious and my little girl loves it. The embroidery detail was lovely – and it matched the dress and stockings that were sent over as well.

2 3

The entire outfit was comfortable enough to allow movement – and the entire hour we were at Bradfield Park, she was running up and down and back up again.

The red long-sleeve dress with attached bubble skirt was a hit. It fit well, and the waistband sat comfortably and the skirt did not ride up as she was trudging along (as some of her other dresses have). The matching tights with the cute details at the foot is adorable, and a versatile colour.


All in all, I loved dressing Zoie up in gorgeous togs, and look at her – she loves it too!

Now, the best news for my readers: Catimini Australia is offering one of my readers a $100 Catimini Australia gift card. Shop online, or in their Mosman NSW store – and if you hop over now, they are having their Winter Sale now on, with discounts of up to 50%! I’ve been to the store, and it’s gorgeous, and I could hardly stop smiling as I ran my fingers through the racks of beautiful clothes. They stock from 6 months up to 16 years old, for both boys and girls, so I am sure you can find something for that special kid in your life.

To win, simply head on to Catimini Australia, and tell me which is your favourite item from the store! I will pick the best answer, and this giveaway will be closed next Sunday, 20 June, 12 midnight. Use the Rafflecopter below to submit your entries, and don’t forget to leave your email so that we can contact you if you’re the lucky winner! Good luck!

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Disclaimer: Catimini Australia has kindly sponsored a set of clothes for the purposes of this review, but no monetary payments were received. All opinions are 100% my own.

29 Responses to “Winter Fashion Essentials for Baby Girls (Plus a $100 Gift Card Giveaway)”

  1. Kasey Evans

    Short Outfit SKU: POS-CD37001, a beautiful colourful outfit for any princess!

  2. Linda De

    Love the chapka hats and would get 3, one for each pair of little cold ears

  3. Di

    I’m torn between the Iridescent trench coat & the Knitted Coat.
    Be amazing if the iridescent coat had the fur trim like the knitted one.

  4. Carol James

    I know it sounds a bit corney but i like all of it it is a wonderful collection.

  5. karina lee

    Love the colourful Knitted Coat. It will match every outfit in her wardrobe!

  6. michelle

    Absolutely adore the padded jacket followed closely by the shepherds vest ! Gorgeous clothing :)

  7. Sandra New

    I have two lovely boy (5 & 4 yo).
    Due to the humid & warm sunny Singapore,
    I will dress up my boys with short tees & Bermudas and packed in bag with cardigan.
    What catch my attention: I like the T-shirt, Sweat & Bermudas, Short which i will buy for my boys. And the cardigan too.

  8. Chont

    I love the entire baby boy bunny range. I’d get the complete outfits, including the teddy, socks, shoes & hat accessories. Gorgeous, comfortable & practical.

  9. Rebel

    Oh lordy – can someone please tell me where to get a DeloreanTime Machine so I can go back and be five years old and wear the Au Pays des Lamas Rainbow Striped Knitted Dress with the – (what is that, a Llama?) everywhere I go for every single day of my life?

    I think I need to start shopping here for my little Ivy Belle!

  10. Luisa

    Oh my gosh! Such gorgeous clothing! I was so drawn to the beautiful multi-coloured knitted coat in the Baby Girl coat collection. I can just imagine my little girl toddling around in that all warm and cosy! There’s a gorgeous knitted dress that almost matches, I love that too but the coat is amazing!

  11. Tanya Clarke

    I love Catimini. This toddler jumper is my favourite and on sale too! Navy buttoned jumper/cardigan. Size 6A.
    SKU: POS-CE18032

  12. Christial S

    Love the buttoned jumper/ cardigan. Looks so warm!



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