Cracked Screen? Find Fynd!

I am a huge user and lover of smartphones, and I have gone through a few over the last few years. HTC, Samsung, Blackberry and my current one – the iPhone. No, I am not loyal to any one brand or phone, though when I was still working full-time and had the luxury of a regular paycheck, I would upgrade to the newest model every year or so.

But now, I’m stuck with my trusty iPhone 5S.

Or at least, it was trusty. Till about 6 months ago, when it slipped past my little girl’s hands and came crashing screen first. Onto the concrete floor. SMAAAAASH! There went… the screen and my heart. And this is a common site for most of us touchscreen, smartphone users. Yes, our phones are wonderful, awesome… till something happens to the screen, and send it straight back to the Dark Ages. Swiping… to no avail. Poking… and no response. And all the while, in danger of giving yourself a cut on the shattered glass.

I was living in Sydney and reluctantly brought my phone in to change that cracked screen. It should have been a quick affair, except after they removed the screen, they realised that… oopsie, they just used up their last piece of replacement screen. And since my phone was lying naked there, I couldn’t find another place to do the replacement. So I had to leave my phone, and came back later that afternoon to pick it up. Inconvenient, yup. But more importantly… it was freakishly expensive! It cost me $240 to get a new phone screen. Yes. $2…4…0.

I did (or rather, the hubby nagged me into it) a lot of “preventive” work. I got a better iPhone casing to guard against more accidental concrete floor encounters. I tried to not let my kids play with my iPhone unless they were sitting down.

But alas… it wasn’t meant to be. And my iPhone ended up getting dropped, once more, onto the tiled floor of the shopping centre. This time, it met the floor at an angle – and this time, instead of having the screen smashed into a million smithereens, now where the screen met the rest of the body of the phone, there was now a gap. A miniscule gap. Enough to see the light off the LED shining out from that gap.

The beginning of the end, really. The touchscreen that sometimes doesn’t respond. Every smartphone user’s nightmare!

Thankfully, it was a week to Singapore, and I decided to see if I could source for a cheaper alternative here. And I did!

Meet Fynd.

Your one-stop repair shop… that goes right up to your doorstep. Yes, like a house doctor. But for mobile phones! It’s a brilliant idea, and perfect for busy executives who are glued to their desks, busy mom whose kids are glued to them, or people who find it inconvenient to travel.

I hopped on their website, and took advantage of their Singlish SG50 promo to book myself a home consult on the very next working day. Depending on your phone model and the extent of your problem, you can easier get a quote – and there won’t be any nasty surprises or hidden cost!

Shaun popped by my house, as arranged, and he managed to change my screen, and was done in under 15 minutes. It was pretty perfect, and I’d definitely recommend Fynd’s services to anyone needing some repair work done to their phones!


Here’s my repaired phone – and the new LED screen which now gives a few more precious months of “life” to this lil’ device!

Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received for this post, though I was so impressed by the service & wanted to blog about it, the owner decided to waive off my service fee as his thanks to me!

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