Birth Story – Revisited


The trio

Three kids. Three kids, each with their distinct personality, preference, and pointed opinions. They’ve all grown immensely since the time we packed up and left Singapore, and it’s been three long years, but yet it also seems like yesterday (as clichéd as that sounds!)

In fact, when Deborah of Owls Well invited me to post about my birth story, I readily agreed, but GOSH… it’s been a while! Haha! I had a fun time re-reading my old blog posts about Jayvon, Xavier and Zoie’s birth stories.


Can you guess who this is? ;)

I think being my very first birth experience, Jay’s birth story holds a special place in my heart. Here’s his story with my personal edits/thoughts (in red!)


Jayvon’s Birth Story – Looking back at 7 years ago!

Well, my gynae gave me the option, as I went for my last checkup on a week earlier (on 17 Jan) and asked if I wanted to WAIT (i.e. just go about my normal everyday life till my water bag bursts and the contractions really start) or INDUCE. Well, with hardly any hesitation, I chose to go for an induced birth – cos the thought of just WAITING & WAITING… and more importantly, NOT KNOWING WHEN would gnaw at me more than just doing it! So we decided to admit me into KKH on 23 Jan (which was the date of my expected delivery anyhow, a full 40 weeks!)
7 years later, and reading many horror stories about friends having their water bag burst in malls and restaurants, hearing accounts of births in cars and taxis… I stand by this decision. In fact, ALL three of my kids were induced too! Haha! Xavier was at 37 weeks, and there wasn’t much choice for my gynae to induce me cos I was admitted the night before with cramps and was ALREADY hooked up to the epidural. We had to leave for Sydney, and wanted Zoie to be at least 4 weeks old, so she too was induced at 37-38 weeks.
I had my last cell group meeting on the 19th, and I still remember before the meeting closed, Wenling led the members and prayed for me & the baby… And I recall telling her, after she finished praying… that the words “labour pains” almost brought tears to my eyes! The worst part about it was the anticipation of the pain that was to come. Have you seen those drama serials of how labouring women were SCREAMING as they rushed to the hospital in cabs? Gosh – I was seriously freaking out as I thought about the pain to come. And so it shouldn’t come as a surprise, I chose to go for an epidural. And even then, the pain of administering the epidural was horrifying in itself! (I told you I had a LOW threshold of pain … and an over-active imagination! Haha…)
Three kids later… that threshold of pain hasn’t increased AT ALL. Haha!
The morning itself, we had to reach KKH between 6 to 7am. My dad offered to drive us there, and we stopped by Kallang MacDonald’s… my last breakfast: Sausage MacMuffin with Egg Meal!
Then we reached KKH, and went directly to the Delivery Suite to be admitted. The mid-wife assigned to care for me (I forgot her name, unfortunately! But she was real sweet and made my time there very comfy) helped me to settle in and I waited for the anesthesiologist to come to administer my epidural.
All this while? No pain.
My gynae also came to examine me and told me for first-time mothers, labour would generally be 12-18 hours long. So she predicted I’d give birth by dinner time, or if all was smooth, by an early dinner.
I remember thinking… “What?! I can’t eat till then? Nooooooo…. Come out at lunch please Jayvon!” 
When the anesthesiologist came in, I braced myself for the PAIN to come. I half-thought I had to be pinned to the bed to prevent me from moving or squirming during the administering, so imagine my surprise when the doctor just told me to sit up on side of the bed, hug a pillow and bend forward. I thought… “What? No one to help me? Restrain me? What if I squirm???” And then my mid-wife came over and gently laid her hand on my wrist. So it was just all up to me to not move! Where was Nic all through this? The doctor dismissed him! Till now, we’re not too sure why he couldn’t see this part, cos he stayed throughout the delivery but I suspect… the doctor did it to minimize my whining! (I mean, I don’t know the doctor that well to be all whiney, so I had to keep SOME semblance of bravery) Haha!!!
The thought of the epidural still sends shivers down my spine (no pun intended), and I honestly don’t know how I managed to do it!
Anyhow by about 930am, I was nicely settled in and the inducement began… I was watching ChannelNewsAsia (saw the news of Heath Ledger’s sudden passing) (Heath Ledger!! :( ) and dozing off and chatting with Nic all throughout.
At about 3pm, my mid-wife taught me how to push and they found that my epidural was “too good”… that is, I really felt zero pain though my contractions were getting nearer and nearer, and the doctor had to reduce my dosage by half – cos they told me that I had to “feel the pain” in order to know when to push. So every 15 minutes, the mid-wife would ask me, “Got pain?” Pain, to me, was that kind of gut-wrenching, scream-out-loud kind of PAIN. All I had was stomach cramps and I could feel my stomach clenching but it was not painful at all, hardly what anyone would describe as pain. But at about 4 pm, as I learnt how to push, the top of my baby’s head could be seen and so the gynae was called in.
All it took was THREE PUSHES after that, and at 4.23 pm, I saw my little prince for the very first time. I never expected my labour to be so quick – cos *ahem* we didn’t take the time to attend any prenatal classes whatsoever…So it is really grace, grace.
Reading back, I am amazed. In Nic’s account, Jayvon literally “flew out” at that third push. Haha! He was as ready to get living as I was to get him out of my body!

Babies, babies, babies… I must admit  I have a soft spot when it comes to babies.

So I know the big question is… Number 4? Well…….


NO THANK YOU. ’nuff said.


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