The New ‘Kid’ On The Block – Oli6 Dairy Goat Milk Formula

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Quiche, coffee and chit-chat with newfound friends.


Oh, and a very informational morning spent with experts, learning more about the newest “kid” on the block – Oli6 with its brand new product line of dairy goat milk formula.

Now, back in Singapore, as a mom, I’ve heard about goat’s milk as an alternative to cow’s milk, and suitable for kids who are 12 months or over. But I must admit, that hearing it as newborn infant milk formula? Now that was a first for me.

Did I mention experts? Yeah, we had two of them speak to us, a dietitian and a university professor, who were expounding on the health benefits of goat’s milk. And I must confess, while I was captivated by the first speaker (who was sharing about her personal journey as both a dietitian and a foster parent, wanting to give the best to her foster children), when the professor walked on, I took an extra big gulp of my coffee, and a silent prayer that my long sleepless wrestle with my girl the night before would not rear its ugly head then.

But I was wrong. Sure, there were huge sounding, multi-syllabic words that were mentioned, but I was intrigued! Sure, we’ve heard of words like “prebiotics” and “probiotics” – even if we didn’t know what exactly they did once inside of us, but by golly, if that smoothie had it, we had to have it then! (Goat’s milk is a natural source of prebiotics too, by the way).

Breast is best – and that should be choice #1 if any mommy can do so. But in the event choice #1 isn’t available, or there’s no other choice, well, there’s a few choices that a parent can go for. One of the takeaways I had in this event was that the nutrition structure of goat’s milk is actually closer to breast milk compared to standard cow’s milk – now that’s something to think about for sure!

If you are looking for a formula milk, do check out Oli6 – a 100% Australian-manufactured product, available in Stages 1 to 3.

Oli6 Stage 1 to 3

Oh, and how about the taste test? Well, I took back a tin of the Stage 3 formula. My kids are past the age of drinking formula, but I use the milk powder & added chocolate powder for Xavier’s daily cup of hot chocolate which he asks for by reminding me, “Mummy, you said you will make me hot chocolate everyday…” Yes, I am held accountable to my promise to him, cos it’s $4 for a cup of hot chocolate outside when I can make the same yummy goodness in the house. And he couldn’t tell the difference! A winning formula, indeed!

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