The Trio


The best of friends. The worst of pals.

My trio. Taken during Zoie’s childcare centre’s school photography day. It was also during the boys’ school hols, so I brought them that morning to get a nice photo taken with her.

And yes, I know Xavier is half-squinting in this pic, but in the mini thumbnails that we had to choose from, it wasn’t so obvious oops! He does still have a winning smile though haha! Well, hopefully I get the chance to have a proper family photoshoot soon haha!

But having three kids means three times the interaction. And interact they do.

I love how Jayvon is so proud of Zoie, and speaks in a gentler voice to her (than he does with Xavier).

I love how the two younger kids really look up to Jayvon, and Xavier has told me more than once that “Jayvon is the best, isn’t he?” (Not so much a question but a sentence).

I love how Xavier and Zoie can play for an hour, pretending to be pirates and dinosaur-hunters and sausage (don’t ask me why), and how they love building forts with pillows, playing hide-and-seek with each other and play Wii U games together.

I love how Jayvon and Xavier can talk non-stop about Roblox. And soccer. And school.

I have a laugh at how the older brothers keep their younger sister in check when she tries to cajole them into doing something by telling her, “Don’t act cute Zoie. It won’t work. That ISN’T CUTE!”

I love how Jayvon would help Zoie when she wants to do colouring in.

But most importantly, I love how they look out for each other. I once read that the best present you can give your child is a sibling, and I am thankful we had to opportunity to give them two gifts each. Will we have a fourth? Interestingly, Xavier turned to me and asked for another sibling cos “then we can all have fun together.”

Nice try. Not happening. :P

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