I’m Baaaaaack!

I am back.

Yes. To hot, balmy Singapore, and it seems like we ONLY just left. I mean, I saw this old photo on Facebook on what we hauled TO Sydney four years back. Nic had to juggle two trolleys whilst I had my hands full with the two boys and Zoie, who was just 5 weeks old.

The big haul TO Sydney!

Four years. Yes, already!

Everything is familiar. And yet strange. I was at Orchard for a seminar, and I told my colleague that it was the first time in probably two years since I last stepped foot in our shopping district.

I miss my favourite chai latte back in Sydney, but I am pleased with my daily before-I-start-work-at-8AM cup of tea that costs me just $1.70.

I would kill for some Aussie mandarins, but I am looking forward to the next durian season, and pomelos – another favourite fruit – are back, thanks to the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival.

I miss the pho in Bankstown, Sydney. My favourite biryani stall at Marine Crescent, Singapore is still around. But I haven’t had the chance to indulge yet. (#foodgoals)

I see so many new faces around – I see new cell group members, and oh, the number friends have given birth in the last 4 years! There is much catching up to do.

And I miss seeing some familiar faces. There is much catching up to do.

And this blog. It was always an outlet for me to vent and rant and share and chat, and I guess it should be “resurrected” once again.

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