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SANses is my personal blog, documenting my ups and downs as a working mother and a woman trying tolive life to the fullest! As a mother of two adorable boys, I cover issues such as parenting highs and lows, family life, and non-Mummy topics like shopping (online and offline!), food… basically, life in general. If you need to reach me, you can drop me an email at  sanses [at] hotmail [dot] sg, or use this contact form. I promise to reply as soon as possible!

I love making new friends (and reconnecting with the old ones) via my blog, and am happy to answer any query you might have.

Advertorials & Sponsored Posts

I am open to do product reviews (for things I find relevant to me, my sons or my family), advertorials and sponsored posts. Do contact me for further discussion. Please do not treat my email as a dump site for all sorts of press releases – because I am having a blog and not a newspaper and I will not just blog from your press releases without having personally experienced it for myself. Some examples of my past blog campaigns include:

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If you would like to take up banner space on the blog, here’s a simple way for you to get your space up pronto! I only recently launched this, so if there is more interest I would be happy to work on more such spaces on the blog.

For questions about this blog, please contact  me using this form.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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