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The Trio

My trio. Taken during Zoie’s childcare centre’s school photography day. It was also during the boys’ school hols, so I brought them that morning to get a nice photo taken with her. And yes, I know Xavier is half-squinting in this pic, but in the mini thumbnails that we had to choose from, it wasn’t… Read more »

Xavier’s First Electric Toothbrush!

Being a parent has a lot of responsibilities. And sometimes, things happen to our kids due to our oversight, negligence, ignorance … or sometimes things JUST happen. And as parents, we have to roll with it, learn from it, and move on. When they were babies, it was all about things like reflux, feeding them… Read more »

“Everyone Should Play Pokemon Go” – according to my 8 year old

Well, not really. I mean, yes – and no. That particular line was his speech which he prepared for one of his assignments in school, and he decided to extol the virtues of playing Pokemon Go. I asked him what his reasons “for” were, and he couldn’t remember them all – but his top reason… Read more »

Do Your Kids Use Swear Words?

Or maybe the first question ought to be, as a parent, what is your stand on your kids using swear words? I promise this won’t be preachy – but let me first share where the inspiration for this blog came about. Two instances stand out. When Jayvon first started Kindy (this was 3 years ago,… Read more »

The New ‘Kid’ On The Block – Oli6 Dairy Goat Milk Formula

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Oli6 Quiche, coffee and chit-chat with newfound friends. Oh, and a very informational morning spent with experts, learning more about the newest “kid” on the block – Oli6 with its brand new product line of dairy goat milk formula. Now, back in Singapore, as a mom, I’ve heard about… Read more »