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The 5 Love Languages for Children

Three kids. So alike in many ways. And so different in many ways as well. And if there’s anything that parenthood teaches you, it’s that you can expect the unexpected with them! If you’ve picked up a copy of Dr. Gary Chapman’s book series on The 5 Love Languages, there’s one in particular for children,… Read more »

Winter Fashion Essentials for Baby Girls (Plus a $100 Gift Card Giveaway)

I’ve lived in hot, humid, beads-of-perspiration-rolling-down-your-face, balmy Singapore my whole life. It’s hot. It’s humid. And we live for air-conditioning. So my wardrobe has always consisted of cotton-y basics, and if you wear leather boots out, people give you a sideways glance and mutter “weirdo” under their breath, as they walk past you with their flip-flops… Read more »

So My Daughter Sleeps Much More In Childcare Than At Home… and other tales

I have a nocturnal daughter. Like, seriously. She takes a catnap at around 6 p.m., after we pick Xavier and her from childcare, when her brothers are busy devouring their dinners, she prefers to take a small nip of the food, drinks milk and collapses, for 45 to 60 minutes. And then she is awake…. Read more »

8 Aussie Slang Words Every Visitor Should Know

Coming to Australia? Well, here are 8 Aussie slangs you should know first! I consulted a few people who’ve lived in Australia for a while, coming from Singapore and these are the few head-scratchers the very first time we heard them! ARVO Or “afternoon”. As in: “I’ll talk to you this arvo.” SHOUT Nope, not talking… Read more »

Dry Nights are the Best Nights

Advertorial Any parent would agree – this is the best sight, especially after a long day! I think my kids are really pretty cool. But they look especially angelic – when they are sleeping. This photo of Zoie? She’s not really sleeping (pffft!) but she responded to my call to ask for a sleeping pic… Read more »