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The Perfect / Imperfect Child

I have three perfect children. They are healthy, funny, smart, witty kids. They have a great sense of humour, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to where their imagination can take them. Jayvon is creative and artistic. His mind speeds at 300km per hour, as he imagines what his next art work will be,… Read more »

Engage your child with “Ariel and Her Honesty Pig” by MandarinaKids (Plus Giveaway & a 25% Discount Code)

Advertorial  This post is the 5th of a 5-part blog train on 5 ways to engage our children using Bilingual English/Mandarin book, “Ariel and Her Honesty Pig” book. Other contributors to this train include The Wacky Duo, BubbaMama, The Chill Mom and Beverly’s Net. Life in Australia can be pretty interesting, as we immerse ourselves in… Read more »

It’s Just Another Rainy Day

“Streets Flooded As Sydney Cops Drenching” “Storm Of The Century Batters Sydney” Just two of the headlines today, as it marks a pretty out-of-the-ordinary day for us here in Sydney, Australia. Normally, we would be out of the house by 8.45 a.m. on a regular Wednesday morning, to drop Jayvon off at school, and Xavier… Read more »

The Growing Princess

Ever so often, I get a tad emo. Just a tad. Call it milestone-blues, if you will. Or that feeling that the kids are growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it. Like when Jayvon started kindy here. Or when Xavier finally became toilet-trained. And with Zoie, it was not too long ago when… Read more »

A tribute to a great man

I was born into a Singapore where Mr. Lee Kuan Yew was a man to be reckoned with. His wit, his strength of will, his brilliance – all came together in a man, who is credited to transform Singapore from a small, forgotten, city-state, young and new and abandoned by Malaysia… to the Singapore I… Read more »