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Staying dry with Drypers

Three kids. And only one who is fully toilet-trained (for more than a year to date). Let me break it down for you. Assuming an average of 4 diaper changes a day (which is pretty low), my three kids would have used close to 10,000 diapers to date. 10,000 dirty diapers. 10,000 diaper changes. Phew…. Read more »

Reviewing the Philips PerfectCare pressurized steam generator (PSG) iron

My mom once told me, “I will know how good an iron is when I hold it. The heavier, the better.” And these words kind of stuck with me – ever since I purchased my very first iron soon after marriage, and had to buy a couple more along the way to replace that very… Read more »

Philips Jamie Oliver Food Processor – even for barely-chefs like me!

I am hardly a cook. As in, I hardly cook. My mom is a good cook. My grandmothers (on both sides) are/were good cooks. My mom-in-law is a good cook. So, I content myself with eating good food, and watching the Food Network Asia channel at home. Relocating to Sydney, obviously, caught me entirely off-guard…. Read more »

Comfort for sensitive skin

A couple of months back, I blogged about Xavier suffering from eczema. It is both tough and heartbreaking seeing my little toddler scratch and bleed and scratch some more. His skin took such a beating, and any little thing could trigger an outbreak, and another scratching session. The poor boy would even sometimes wake up… Read more »

Newborn photography – because they are little only once

There are a few things I’ve always wanted to do – and a newborn photography shoot is one of them. I’ve never managed to get around to it for my first two boys for a variety of reasons… and so when it came to Zoie, I was pretty set on making it happen. And so,… Read more »