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Developing the boy/man in Jayvon

This is a post about my oldest boy. Who, as he proudly states, is “five AND A HALF” now. While my head sometimes spins at how fast time flies, and how itty-bitty small he used to be, I shall keep my reminiscing to another post. There is a great responsibility to bring up children well…. Read more »

Adventurous boys

I love to bring my kids to indoor playgrounds. They have oodles of fun. They get to expend some of that endless energy. And they get tired when they get home after a solid two hours at play. Perfect, in my books. Since the Daddy was already back, we decided to bring the kids to… Read more »

Packing up the dreams…

In the midst of carton boxes and masking tapes galore, there is a sense of both nostalgia and reminiscing as we pack to vacate our 5-room flat. Suddenly, my spacious house seems even more so. I had always known we won’t be staying long. Five years, and maybe we would move on to another place…. Read more »

Mmmm, yummy…

Here’s what I get when I ask Jay to “cook” for me. Mmmm…. Yummy. :P

Happiness is…

… Spinning around with your bro. … Overcoming obstacles yourself. … Scaling to new heights.   … Knowing the end of the tunnel is nigh. … Finger-lickin’ good chips. … Getting a scoop of yummy yogurt fed to you. Life with two boys. Doesn’t get much better that this. Special thanks to Polliwogs at Robertson Walk… Read more »