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The City Harvest Case So Far – My Reflections

Blogging about City Harvest Church is kind of like a walk on the wild side. Because one knows it is a topic that, for lack of a better word, polarizes people. It doesn’t help matters when there’s so much negative about the church out there on the mainstream media, forums and other blogs. But I… Read more »

The City Harvest Trial – and my thoughts on it thus far

A departure from my usual “Mummy” tales, but to those who know me, my faith is an integral part of my life, and so this is an extension of who I am and what I stand for. ~~~ The City Harvest trial enters its third tranche later today (January 13), with the prosecution continuing to… Read more »

The City Harvest that I know

City Harvest Church. The place where I met God when I was 19, and got serious with him. The place where I went for my water baptism, started studying the Word of God. The place where I attended Bible school for a year after graduating from the university. The place where I became a cell… Read more »

Lessons I learnt from City Harvest

The day is May 15, and the trial involving six City Harvest church leaders has finally started. Having been in this church since 1998, the last three years, in particular, hasn’t been the easiest of times, being under the microscope of the public eye. I was following the trial updates closely, and I had a… Read more »

Leaving a part of my heart behind

At 37 weeks preggers, I have officially begun my maternity leave. This is my third block of maternity leave, but possibly the most emotional one, as I am not only starting my maternity, I am also ending my 10-year term as a staff of City Harvest Church to relocate to Sydney, Australia as the hubby… Read more »