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Fave Fridays: So Pho So Good

Well, the top two go-to places for pho I have eaten in Sydney in the last 15 months we’ve been here at least. Sydney is such a melting pot of different cultures and peoples and – yes!- food glorious food. I love the cafe culture here, but have come to realise that while most cafés I’ve… Read more »

The One Pot Pasta Disaster (What NOT To Do)

I was so excited about this recipe for a one pot pasta, that I dedicated a whole post, here on this miracle dish. I AM still pretty excited about this dish. But two days after the first very successful and yummy attempt, I tried the recipe again, and it bombed. Big time. Instead of using… Read more »

The One Pot Pasta

Or, in other words… the miracle dish. I read a couple of blog posts on this, and I got to admit, this seems TOO EASY to be true. And then I decided to risk some seafood marinara I bought from the Fish Market, and figured, it would either be a hit dish, or… we would… Read more »

Feeding my Korean obsession: Potato Pancakes

Hi, my name is Sandra and I am getting dangerously addicted to … Korean variety programs. And if you don’t understand a word of Korean nor understand the appeal of watching something and having to rely heavily on subtitles – let me assure you I was where YOU are now. But there is no distance… Read more »

10-minute garlic steamed mussels

On one trip to the fish market, I caught a glimpse of these little live black mussels, and was easily convinced to grab a bagful. It was easy to prepare, and so yummy that I have cooked this three times since! The cleaning of the mussels took the longest time, but other than that, this… Read more »