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The Importance of Mummy “Me-Time”

I have three gorgeous kids. I love spending time with them. I do. They make me laugh, they make me giggle, they amuse me with their cute antics, and I thank God daily for my three healthy, beautiful babies. They also frustrate me, irritate me, and have a knack of bringing out the “nagger” in… Read more »

Older. Again. *gulp!*

So I am a year older. And this is possibly the lowest-key birthday period in my last decade – but nonetheless still one of the sweetest, since I get to spend it with my favourite people. Two things the hubby knows to bring a smile to my face. Desserts and shopping. And he ticked both… Read more »

A brand new venture

So… I’ve been busy. I know – shocking yeah? But I have. In between running after two active boys, and one hungry baby girl – I am stoked because I am going to having a brand new baby. And before you get all excited (for the wrong reason)… here’s a sneak peek at my new… Read more »

Back in Sydney

Is it February already? Gosh – I have taken an unforeseen blog break, starting with our Gold Coast adventure, to the time we went back to Singapore for a short break over the Chinese New Year holidays and now… We are back in Sydney, adjusting to our usual routine! G.O.S.H. I can’t wait to share… Read more »

Hallo 2014!

2013 has been a pretty amazing year. We had a new baby, bringing the count to three. (Where it will stand, in case you are wondering) And she is a feisty one, not losing ground to her adoring older brothers with her loud voice and cute smiles. We now live in a brand new city… Read more »