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Colbar – off the beaten track

Nic first went to Colbar months back, with his church friends, and has been raving about this place to me. Oh the good food, the wide variety of beer, the relaxed atmosphere, the beer… and did I mention the beer? Haha! I’m not a beer-drinker. Never could stomach that bitter taste! But hey, since it… Read more »

Just the two of us

As parents, sometimes we need a break. A break from the kids, the cleaning up, the washing up, the feeding, the kiddish chit-chat… And what better excuse can we have than our wedding anniversary? The day we drink a cup of coffee an reminisce the days of when we were before they came about. Hahaha!… Read more »


The significance of these numbers? Well, for Nic & I, it represents 11 years of courtship, 4 years of marriage and 3 years of parenthood! 11 November marked our 4th year of marriage. And to kick it all off, we both decided to pamper ourselves for the day. Movie, then catching the Voyage de la… Read more »

Lunch With My Buddies

I have some awesome friends in my life. We’ve been friends for so long it seems kinda surreal. They’ve seen Nic & I through (most of) our courtship days, were right there with us through our wedding preparations and the actual 3-day affair itself, helped to scrub our new house where we were enjoying ourselves… Read more »

2 Lies & A Truth

Over the weekend, I went for Nic’s company retreat – all the way to sunny Malacca! Will blog more about that soon. (I do still need to prepare for my AGM, ya know! Haha!) Anyhoooo, on Sunday night, the bunch of them gathered in our little suite, and we play many fun games… one was… Read more »