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The 3 Year Mark Recap: To Stay or Not To Stay?

Zoie turns 3 in just over a month’s time. And this means we would have been in Sydney, Australia for almost 3 years (come June). It seems almost surreal, really, to think that Nic’s PhD journey is almost all done! And the one thing I’ve not really bothered thinking too much of, has now come… Read more »

8 Aussie Slang Words Every Visitor Should Know

Coming to Australia? Well, here are 8 Aussie slangs you should know first! I consulted a few people who’ve lived in Australia for a while, coming from Singapore and these are the few head-scratchers the very first time we heard them! ARVO Or “afternoon”. As in: “I’ll talk to you this arvo.” SHOUT Nope, not talking… Read more »

It’s Just Another Rainy Day

“Streets Flooded As Sydney Cops Drenching” “Storm Of The Century Batters Sydney” Just two of the headlines today, as it marks a pretty out-of-the-ordinary day for us here in Sydney, Australia. Normally, we would be out of the house by 8.45 a.m. on a regular Wednesday morning, to drop Jayvon off at school, and Xavier… Read more »

The Growing Princess

Ever so often, I get a tad emo. Just a tad. Call it milestone-blues, if you will. Or that feeling that the kids are growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it. Like when Jayvon started kindy here. Or when Xavier finally became toilet-trained. And with Zoie, it was not too long ago when… Read more »

Back… to reality

After a three-month stint back in Singapore, which comprised a LOT of eating and meeting friends, and eating, and going to church, and eating some more, it was high time for us to come back to reality. Yes. Back in Sydney. In our 2-bedroom rented apartment, having no one else to turn to for household… Read more »