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Life in a foreign land made easier – with Apps

Sydney has been home for the past 5 five months. Yes, 5 months already! In the time we were here, it has been rather challenging getting to know this brand new land. Things I have taken for granted in Singapore is not as easily accessible over here. My usual weekly shopping list which can be… Read more »

Floriade – of flowers, flowers and more flowers

I got to admit, when the hubs first brought up the idea of travelling to Canberra for the Floriade, I was a little… underwhelmed. Me: “Oh! Erm, go there see what?” Him: “Flowers.” (Cue the ‘d-oh!’ look) Me: “Ok, so it is a three-hour drive, each way. Then should we stay the night?” Him: “But… Read more »

A sunny Singapore Day in Sydney

It is perhaps fitting, that the Singapore Day 2013, held in Sydney Australia was on one heck of a hot day. It was hot. So hot that I have a sunburnt right arm and right thigh to show for it. Of course, the alternative was rain, so I guess for an outdoor picnic-style pig-out, the… Read more »

Encountering racism in Australia

During his undergraduate days, my husband was living in Sydney for about 4.5 years, and he has had his fair run-ins with racism and racial slurs. Now, the Sydney that I have come to know and the Sydneysiders living here have generally been pretty kind to me and the kids. But there have been one… Read more »

A-splishing and a-splashing!

I have always thought about sending the kids for swim classes. I can swim pretty well myself and wouldn’t be enjoyable to have some time in the pool with the kids? I totally dislike SOAKING in the pool though. You know how some people just lounge at a particular area of the pool? And don’t… Read more »