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Planning a flight with young kids in tow? Here’s some tips to help!

  I took an 8-hour flight. With just my 3 kids (aged 2, 4 and 7). Yes, just me. Two 8-hour flights, to be exact. And I’ve lived to tell the tale. It’s been a week since we’ve come back to Sydney (after a short visit back to Singapore), and I think I’ve *about* recovered… Read more »

Siblings – love & rivalry

When you thinking about having Child #1, the typical questions running through your mind are: ‘Am I ready for such a huge responsibility?’ ‘How can I handle a nothing human being?’ ‘How do I make it work?’ ‘Am I ready?’ ‘Am I ready?!?’ ‘O gawd. I don’t know! Where to start?’ Just to name a… Read more »

Bedtime for children

Back in Singapore, when the hubs and I were both working and the two boys in full-day childcare, a typical evening would be something like: 510PM: The kids reach the grandmother’s house via the school bus 520PM: Dinner and then plaaaaaaaay all the way till I get home. By the time I reach home at… Read more »

Raising a chatty one

With Jay, he was a slow walker but a fast speaker. I mean, the initial “Daddy” and ”Mummy” took him about 13 months to muster, but he was speaking in phrases and mini-sentences by the time he turned 18 months. With Xav, I got to admit, I had to stop and breathe and catch myself… Read more »

My first taste of … homework!

I mean… Jay is in pre-school. Seriously. N2. Hardly the age that I expect to be doing homework with him. But on the last school day the last week, I was erm, pleasantly surprised to see a little envelope from the teachers. And a little homework for Mummy. I mean, Jayvon.   It was a… Read more »