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Birth Story – Revisited

Three kids. Three kids, each with their distinct personality, preference, and pointed opinions. They’ve all grown immensely since the time we packed up and left Singapore, and it’s been three long years, but yet it also seems like yesterday (as clichéd as that sounds!) In fact, when Deborah of Owls Well invited me to post about my… Read more »

The 5 Love Languages for Children

Three kids. So alike in many ways. And so different in many ways as well. And if there’s anything that parenthood teaches you, it’s that you can expect the unexpected with them! If you’ve picked up a copy of Dr. Gary Chapman’s book series on The 5 Love Languages, there’s one in particular for children,… Read more »

Primary One Registration – The Non-Event

Jayvon turns 7 next year. And this means, he is due to go into Primary One. I’ve seen many a Facebook status update on parents with 6-going-on-7-year-olds like me, and how they have been thinking about the “right” Primary school to go to (the famous, elite ones versus the neighbourhood ones), the balloting process, the… Read more »

A Father’s Day Tribute

Okay, first off, I meant for this post to be ‘live’ much, much earlier. But the family was in town for a visit, and last week was filled with good food, loads of fun and the boys had a blast. The day we said goodbye, Jayvon (the sensitive soul he is) was more than a… Read more »

First Mums’ & Dads’ Congress 2012

The thing about parenting is that somewhere in the middle of a 3AM night feed and halfway through changing YET another soiled diaper is that you need to to take a deep breath, and keep your head screwed on right. I have a second baby, and I must say it sure doesn’t get easier. Sure,… Read more »