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Mommy The Wimp

Confession time. I can really be such a wimp at times. Like totally so. Like I know how baaaadly Jay needs a haircut. See? Fringe past his eyebrows, and his ears. See? (He’s doing his rhino impersonation with that finger) See? And yet I can still drag my feet on arranging an auspicious day, date… Read more »

That Old Adage…

“It takes one to know one” is so true of motherhood. I am blessed to have many good colleagues working with me, and many of whom are mothers and great role-models for me. Motherhood is kind of like a secret sorority club. For the grown-up gals. When I was in my teens, I took pride… Read more »

My Melted Heart

Please tread carefully. You will notice a lot of proud gushes and bits and pieces of my melted heart lying around this blog entry. This is a momentous time for any Mommy. My first Mother’s Day present from Jay! I think I may have waited my whole life for this. When Jay passed me this… Read more »

Speaking Good… Greek?

With a two-year-old terror boy in tow, sometimes I feel like I am speaking Greek. I think the words that come out my mouth are saying, “No.” Yet he acts as if I am saying “Oh of course, baby! Carry on, carry on.” I say “Put that back.” He hears “Isn’t it an awesome scissors/sharp… Read more »

Two Years & 3 Months Later…

It has been two years, three months and a week since I was officially inducted into the Mummies Club. Some were inducted with a ready heart and a quick smile, others like me were kinda unwittingly sucked entered in. Just today I visited a friend who was just inducted into this prestigious club, and as… Read more »