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Drinking from a Straw

One thing that Jay does very well, is to drink from a straw. And while he is 26 months, he started straw-drinking very early. And coupled with the fact he didn’t enjoy drinking from a bottle, he quickly made the leap to drink from a bottle by the time he turned 1 year old. In… Read more »

Great Toy For Kids!

Firstly, I have no idea how this popped into Jayvon’s toy box. I think it is a Christmas present for him. So, if you were the one to give Jay this present, we’re infinitely grateful! What is it, you ask? Here’s a clue… Yes! Crayons! But no ordinary colouring tools… It’s the “True to Life”… Read more »

Jay and the Alphabet

One of the usual questions I would ask Jayvon is “What did you do in school today?” After the usual standard answer he gives me, “Playground!”, he would then go on to give me more info. This time round, as I brought him on a cab ride, on our way to meet some friends for… Read more »

My Transformed Life

I use the term “pre-Jayvonian days” a fair bit in my blog. Contrasting my life then, and my life now. Sure, there are major changes. And major adjustments that had to be made. But really, Jay is now 26 months. And those “pre-Jayvonian days” are but a distant memory. Watching midnight movies? Being able to… Read more »


I’m no parenting guru… haha! But I guess it is always good for us to hear and learn from another person. Here’re some questions I’ve been asked by friends, cell members and colleagues. What is your own personal parenting style? Nic & I believe in a parenting style that is both warm and authoritarian. Warm… Read more »