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Do Your Kids Use Swear Words?

Or maybe the first question ought to be, as a parent, what is your stand on your kids using swear words? I promise this won’t be preachy – but let me first share where the inspiration for this blog came about. Two instances stand out. When Jayvon first started Kindy (this was 3 years ago,… Read more »

Marriage Equality – And Being A Christian Parent

The U.S. Supreme Court has made a history-changing ruling, legalising same-sex marriages. I am a Christian. I came to church when I was 18, met my husband, had my 3 kids, had a career, made lifelong friends… all within the compounds of the church. The church, God, worship, the teaching, the values have all shaped my life,… Read more »

So My Daughter Sleeps Much More In Childcare Than At Home… and other tales

I have a nocturnal daughter. Like, seriously. She takes a catnap at around 6 p.m., after we pick Xavier and her from childcare, when her brothers are busy devouring their dinners, she prefers to take a small nip of the food, drinks milk and collapses, for 45 to 60 minutes. And then she is awake…. Read more »

First time to the chiropractor!

Thanks to Kirolounge, we were invited to their special Mission Day. Aching backs and sore arms are probably the perils part-and-parcel of parenthood, especially with fat chubby bouncy babies like I have. (Pst, picture above is Jay, and below is Xav – my 2 gorgeous princes.) I seriously had to go to see a Chinese… Read more »

The running page boy

Jay was invited by Mel & Cindy to be their page boy for their church wedding – his very first invite to do so. And so you know (1) that Mel & Cindy are obviously our good friends for loving our kids so much and (2) how brave they are to invite my little Lion… Read more »