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Full-time worker, over-time mom

Being a full-time working mother is no easy-peasy task. I recently read another Mummy Blogger’s blog who had to go back to work after her maternity leave ended, and she was lamenting about the “battle” between work and maternal instincts. I can totally understand. With Jay, I could hardly wait to get BACK to work…. Read more »


I have a theory. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Well, I never said it was an original theory. But once they get married, they migrate to Jupiter. With a whole different set of behaviour (late-night movies or supper or frivolous shopping trips for self? A thing of the past) and language!… Read more »

Sissy mummy

Yes. I am a sissy Mummy. I have two kids. TWO. Been through the delivery process not once but twice. You’d think I would have gotten over my insecurities/fears/anal-ness/inexperience now that I have my second kid. But no… I have not. Like I said. Sissy mummy. This is my Achilles Heel. I have bought a… Read more »

Preparing for the par-tay!

All through the last few months of 2010, Jay had a common refrain… “Why Jayvon’s birthday soooooooo long? Why not here yet?” Since attending school last February, he has seen almost all of his classmates celebrating their birthdays in school, while as a January baby, he was totally left out in this moment in the… Read more »

With kids, men and women migrate to Jupiter

This would be the title of my new book. If I ever write a book, that is. Which I hardly see happening anytime in this lifetime. But hey, if I did, I’d probably write this one. Unless of course, there is already a book with this title out there?l Is there? I wouldn’t know. Cos… Read more »