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Killing me softly with his words

I am really grateful Jay is able to articulate so well. He can tell us when he is not well. Just last week, he was unwell, and told his daddy that “someone hit my head”… and he was describing a headache! Which is really useful, so at least we’d know what meds to give him… Read more »

So here I am, with my nose half-falling off…

Just sitting in front of the telly, mindlessly watching drama serials on AXN. Whilst munching on some chopped up gold kiwi. Which just happens to be my favourite-est fruit nowadays. Not those sourish green ones that make your face twitch. I love the gold ones. Double the price, double the sweetness and none of that… Read more »

“No need to bathe!”

Jay has a little bath-time habit. It may be because he is a boy, and we know how all boys can be pretty disgusting. I mean little boys, of course, but hey, if the shoe fits… :) He would implore me, “No need to bathe?” and work those big round eyes of his. Any softer-hearted… Read more »