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I’m Baaaaaack!

I am back. Yes. To hot, balmy Singapore, and it seems like we ONLY just left. I mean, I saw this old photo on Facebook on what we hauled TO Sydney four years back. Nic had to juggle two trolleys whilst I had my hands full with the two boys and Zoie, who was just… Read more »

Handling Offenses – Online and Off

As a new driver here in Sydney, I see a lot of people on the road – those who are patient with me as I struggle with my huge Tarago, and probably seeing this huge family car reckon I have kids with me and I am seldom at the receiving end of a honk. Then… Read more »

Back in sunny Singapore

Back in town. Met up with family, friends, ex-colleagues, cell group members. Talked and laughed and shared. Has it been 8 months since we left? It feels like such a long time yet meeting with old friends seems like we hardly left. I am so, so appreciative of this! One thing touched me the most…. Read more »

A hair-raising issue

One interesting article I read in the last few days is that of a certain mother, whose 12-year-old son had his hair cut by his school teacher an hour before his PSLE Oral examinations. He was upset and crying, which made the mother mad and fuming – and she made a police report and complained… Read more »

Counting my blessings

Having one kid was rough and tough, and when we decided to have the second, we anticipated the toughness and the roughness… The sleepless nights, the wallet strains, the mucus-wiping and butt-cleaning. The fatigue, the body aches (oh wait, that might be just the age), and did I mention the mucus-wiping and the butt-cleaning? Oh,… Read more »